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Empowered Personal Protection, LLC

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Empowered Personal Protection, a self-defense firearms training company offers classes in gun safety and self-defense at a basic and intermediate level in the Dayton Ohio metropolitan and surrounding areas. You will find a supportive and inspirational environment for students who are brand new to firearms and may have never touched one to those who are ready to learn next steps on their personal protection firearm journey. 

Our passion surrounding YOU not being a victim is paramount. We strive to build empowered and confident individuals who understand the importance of being their own first line of defense. 

Empowered Personal Protection classes are facilitated by Alecia Roberson, your female firearms instructor certified by the USCCA. 

Most classes run 2 to 4 hours, the CCW class is the required 8 hours with time added for lunch and the short drive to the shooting range.

We offer co-ed and women only firearms training classes.

Course offering are:

Concealed Carry and Home defense courses, which meets the requirement for the state of Ohio's CCW permit. 

 This includes: 

  • Understanding and using conflict avoidance to prevent escalation as well as the importance of de-escalation

  • Understanding and using situational awareness

  • Home Security

  • developing a home defense plan

  • Understanding use of force and proper escalation of force in a self-defense scenario 

  • Basic shooting fundamentals and concepts 

  •  Physiology of violent encounters - how your body responds to high stress situations 

  • How to handle the mental and legal aftermath of a self-defense situation

Women’s Handgun and Self Defense course, (taught by a woman for women)

These classes include: 

  • Understanding Firearms 

  • Clearing semi automatic handguns.

  • Universal safety rules

  • Stance, grip, sight alignment and sight picture

  • Choosing the right gun

  • Concealed and off body carry options

  • Holster types, and gear and gadget options

  • Color codes of awareness

  • Establishing boundaries

  • Mindset

  • Use of force

  • Voice commands

We offer group classes as well as 1 on 1 private instruction. Our students walk out with an understanding of the rules governing the use of deadly force equipped with the understanding that nothing is more sacred than life.

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A Girl and A Gun

Dayton, Ohio Chapter

A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) is a club established by women shooters for women shooters. Our training program is hosted at hundreds of ranges nationwide and we have virtual and destination events, too! Whether you are a defender, competitor, or just want a casual, fun night out at the range with the girls, A Girl & A Gun is for YOU!

Click or tap link below for more information.

OH - Dayton Chapter ⋆ A Girl and A Gun

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Empowered Personal Protection, LLC is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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