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We are passionate about helping you feel empowered and safe by coaching you to competently and confidently develop a defensive mindset, attitude and skills to be your own first line of defense.

Don't wait until it's too late to learn how to defend yourself. Sign up for self-defense firearms training today and take control of your safety. With the right training, you can be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Register today to learn more about EPP's firearms education, conflict avoidance, de-escalation, pistol instruction, marksmanship and how our empowering courses can equip you with the skills and confidence you need for self-defense and personal safety."


A Girl and A Gun

Dayton, Ohio Chapter

A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) is a club established by women shooters for women shooters. Our training program is hosted at hundreds of ranges nationwide and we have virtual and destination events, too! Whether you are a defender, competitor, or just want a casual, fun night out at the range with the girls, A Girl & A Gun is for YOU!

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OH - Dayton Chapter ⋆ A Girl and A Gun

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