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Alecia (Lisa) Roberson

Owner  Operator


Hey there! I'm Alecia (pronounced uh-lee-shuh), also known as Lisa—a certified firearms instructor by both the renowned NRA (National Rifle Association) and USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association). Additionally, I hold certifications as a Range Safety Officer from both USCCA and A Girl and A Gun.

Being a mother of three and a grandmother of five, family safety is my top priority. A personal experience in Arizona back in 2019 made me realize the importance of self-defense, prompting me to immerse myself in firearms training to protect my family. Fueled by a lack of female instructors in the field, I became the change I wanted to see—a female instructor dedicated to providing a safe space for learning, growth, and empowerment through firearm safety and self-defense. My goal is to foster a defensive mindset, conquer firearm-related fears, and instill the confidence and skills needed to be your family's immediate responder.


I also have the honor of facilitating the Dayton Ohio Chapter of A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League. This exclusive ladies-only organization is designed to cater to beginners and provide seasoned shooters with opportunities to enhance their pistol skills.

Join me in creating a safer, more empowered community for women everywhere!

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