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Shooting Fundamentals - Eye Dominance / Ocular Dominance.

Fundamentals defined: forming a necessary base or core; of central importance: (define fundaments - Search (

As we are aware more Black/African Americans and women have become firearms owners at an exciting rate, the owners of those firearms are not seeking training with those firearms which is one of the reasons Empowered Personal Protection, LLC was formed.

Firearms are inherently dangerous and understanding their functionality and the part you play is crucial in staying safe along with developing and improving your skills.

The fundaments or foundation of which every shot you take will be built on in one way or another, each level should be as close to the same each time to solidify automaticity or muscle memory if you will.

The aspects, description and recommended techniques are as follows:

Eye Dominance / Ocular Dominance – (When you use one eye more than the other, stronger eye or preferred eye). – Try the technique - extend arms, make a circle with on hand or a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers on both hands touching i.e thumb tip to thumb tip and index fingertip touching the opposite hand index fingertip> locate focal point like a wall light switch, door knob, with both eyes open chose one of the methods and look at the object> close each eye > if the object seems to jump behind your hand that is NOT your dominant eye, if the object stays in the circle, that’s your dominant eye, if you are able to see your object with both eyes than you do not have a dominant eye, which is rare. Know that eye dominance usually corresponds to the same handedness and in the event your dominant eye and dominant hand are different that is known as cross dominance and there are ways to overcome by using a red dot, learn to shoot with your non dominant hand which could prove helpful if your dominant hand becomes injured or otherwise inoperable. There are other options that you can consider and work with your firearms instructor for the best options for you and your unique circumstance, they will also ensure that bad habits are not formed.

Why is this important, when shooting you are able to better focus on your target as your dominant eye will send information to your brain faster.


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