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Does a change in seasons mean a change in your concealed carry gear?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Cooler and cold-weather patterns vary based on where you live. Here are a few topics to take into consideration as the fall and winter seasons present what some consider less than desirable temperatures, I say it’s time to bundle up in my sweats a cozy blanket in front of the fireplace with the alarm set, gun near me, dog at my feet.

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This list is not absolute, it’s a good place to start…

Handgun size - Full sized, compact, sub compact - which ever size firearm you choose for cool and chilly carry, Choose the firearm that you can comfortably conceal and use if needed in a self-defense lifesaving incident, it is imperative that you practice with it,

Carry Position - your winter carry position may be different than normal with a different gun, if you can carry the same way year-round that’s awesome and preferred but if you cannot its okay to rotate your carry guns.

Holster type - With wide variety of holsters weather often dictates your holster options, and in cold weather those options increase to allow more comfortable options like an outside the waistband (OWB) holster letting you get a better grip if you needed to draw without having to fight through multiple layers of clothing, a shoulder holster may be an option with a warmer jacket but not necessarily a full-sized winter coat. Off body carry may be a good option if your winter coats are ankle or knee length, sling style bag, messenger style bag, fanny pack or ukoala bags, My favorites are 5.11 tactical Moab (CX10 sling pack ALWAYS BE READ�, THE ORIGINAL UKOALA KodiakALWAYS BE READ�, THE ORIGINAL UKOALA Kodiak

**Make sure to holster your gun in all on body and off body carry options. **

Clothing - As the temperatures and leaves begin to fall, adding layers could be your best option to staying warm especially adding thermal base layers, adding or remove layers lends itself to another drawing from your holster practice session, which is always a good thing.

Jackets - front buttoned or zippered, concealed carry pocket, and fit are details that only you can make for yourself.

Gloves - Mittens are usually a no go and what impact will wearing cloves have on loading your gun or racking the slide, I wear PIG (FDT) Charlie - Women's Glove PIG (FDT) Charlie (Women's Glove) (

Situational awareness - Wintry weather situational awareness considerations. How do you keep your head on a swivel when you are all bundled up? Keep in mind that your eyes are not the only way to know what’s going on around you, your eyes and your instincts, that right you gut instincts will tell you when something is not right you just have to trust yourself. Situational awareness s situational

Now that you are armed (pun intended) with cold weather considerations, whatever conceal carry method you choose train, whenever you strap up draw at least 5 times to set that automaticity (muscle memory) in case you have to draw your gun in self-defense incident, your mind and body will have already gone through the motions. Make sure there is no ammunition in your gun or in the room while practicing your draw.

Assess out your firearms, holster, on body and off body carry options, layering, jackets, and gloves along with your first aid kit and Practice, practice, practice

Stay warm and safe

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