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Eliminating excuses and making safety planning a priority!!!

Eliminating excuses and making safety planning a priority is crucial. Here are some tips that you can incorporate in your very own sassy and empowered style:

1. Prioritize YOU: Put safety planning at the top of your to-do list. Remember, your well-being matters.

2. Cut some ish out: Identify time-wasting habits and eliminate them. Social media, TV, or unnecessary meetings (that could be emails) – cut them out!

3. Set Boundaries: Let others know your safety planning time is non-negotiable. Your business and personal safety come first.

4. Get somebody else to do it: Don't be afraid to delegate tasks that others can handle. Empower your family and free up your time.

5. Time Blocking: Schedule dedicated blocks for safety planning. Treat it like a high-value appointment, like when you are going to visit him/her /date night.

6. Say No with Confidence: Politely decline commitments that don't align with your priorities. It's okay to say no.

7. Self-Care Matters: Take care of your physical and mental health. A healthy you is better equipped for safety planning.

8. Who's gonna check me boo? : YOU! you are going to check you, regularly assess your time management. Be flexible and adjust your strategies as needed.

Always know that you're in control of your time and safety. And always, be empowered on purpose!

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