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From Corporate Cubicles to Firearm Fabulous: Apologies & Announcements

Hey Empowered People,

My apologies for the radio silence lately—I've been on a rollercoaster ride transitioning from the corporate world to fully diving into the world of self-defense firearms coaching. Big changes, big moves, you know how it is!

But fear not, I'm back and ready to share some sassy, empowering content with you. Thanks for your patience during this wild ride. Let's dive back in and continue this journey together.

Get those peepers ready because I've got some hot content headed your way! Keep your eyes peeled for posts on mastering transitional spaces during your holiday shopping—because safety never takes a holiday, right?

And, drumroll, we're bringing the virtual range action to our training center! 🎯 Join us for the thrill of shoot/no shoot simulations and immerse yourself in the empowering experience. It's not just a watch party; it's a hands-on, safety-first soirée.

Stay sharp, stay sassy, and join us at the training center for some unforgettable empowerment!

Stay Safe & Be Empowered, On Purpose!


Owner & Instructor, Empowered Personal Protection

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