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I can't believe I'm sharing this, I'm leaving corporate America!!!

How have you been? I hope you are doing well. During our time together I may have shared details of my corporate employer, well as the economy has changed my corporate employer has restructured and sent jobs to countries outside of the United States and as a result, I will be retiring on October 28, 2023, opening Empowered Personal Protection, LLC full time. I wanted to personally invite you to the monthly email newsletter that I'll be starting where I will be sending out empowerment tips, safety tips, firearms training drills, there will be expanded offering's including several FREE classes and workshops, guest instructors, weekday and weeknights offerings, expanded services will soon be in the works i.e gunsmithing and FFL services and more. If you know anyone who wants to start their firearms training journey or may need a refresher course, please share, comment and leave any suggestions. If you would like to join my email list (it's 100% free, of course), you can do so on my website Thank you in advance.

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