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Which self-defense tool is right for you?

A self-defense tool is a tool that you would have in your possession and hopefully on your person and easy to access, easy to conceal and easy to hold on to.

Whether your choice is lethal or less than lethal you must prepare mentally for the outcome of using the tool that you chose.

There are plenty options to choose from:

(Lethal)- firearm, stabbing devices.

(Less than lethal) self-defense sprays, electronic shocking devices, flashlight, personal alarm, tactical pens, batons, whistles, self-defense key chains, brass knuckles.

These are just a few of the available options. Please check federal, state, and local laws when choosing the option that fits your situation and know that you can always add or change tools based on federal state and local laws. Train with your desired tool and always remember the object is just a tool, you are the weapon so that means you need to train your mind and body to be your own first responder and first line of defense.

The fight you will always win, is the one you are not in… Stay safe.

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